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Jacqueline Nguyen Confirmed to USCA9

The Senate has confirmed District Judge Jacqueline Nguyen of Los Angeles for elevation to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  Todd Ruger has this post at BLT.

Because the Ninth Circuit's dismal record on habeas corpus, especially in capital cases, is a major problem, we at CJLF are particularly interested in a nominee's views on this subject.  I checked Judge Nguyen's decisions in the area when she was first nominated.  They all appeared to be routine denials of meritless claims.  Not terribly enlightening, but not a cause for concern either.

The Ninth is better than it used to be.  The judges appointed by President Clinton have -- on average with notable exceptions -- been better than those appointed by President Carter.  President Bush made generally good appointments though not uniformly so.  It's too early to say anything about President Obama's appointments as a whole.  Let us hope that we make further progress toward bringing this court out of the wilderness and back to the mainstream.

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