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Missouri to Restart Executions with Propofol

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The "show-me" state is poised to show the rest of the country how to get around Lundbeck's conspiracy to choke off executions via restraint of trade in pentobarbital.  Mike Lear reports at Missourinet:

The state Department of Corrections has approved a new drug for use in lethal injections to carry out the death penalty.

In a statement, the Department says it has adopted a one-drug protocol [download PDF] using propofol, otherwise known as Diprovan. This replaces a three-drug method used previously.

The state had to look for a new method for lethal injections after the only company that made one of the three drugs used in that procedure stopped producing it. Sodium thiopental was used to put the subject of an execution to sleep before two other drugs were injected to stop breathing and the pumping of the heart.

The Missouri Attorney General has asked the Missouri Supreme Court to set execution dates for nine murderers.  Release here.  Motion is here.  With the ten already requested, that is a total of nineteen.

Thanks to Carol Angelbeck for the tip.

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It will be interesting to see how quickly (a) the Mo. Supreme Court sets dates (can we start with Joseph Franklin?) and (b) whether federal courts will delay the executions to look at the protocol.

What should absolutely be off the table are last-minute motions based on anything but the new protocol. These guys have had forever and a day to raise them.

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