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News Scan

Crime Down Under New York Frisk Policy:  The widely criticized "stop, question and frisk" policy which has been implemented in New York over the past several months has been credited for increasing the confiscation of illegal guns by 31%  and contributing to a 21% drop in the homicide rate so far this year.  A CNN story reports that everyone is not happy with the policy.  A spokesperson for the New York Civil Liberties Union called the practice "unlawful and racially biased."  This in response to police figures showing that of those stopped and frisked, 93% were males, 54% were African American, 33% Hispanics, 9% while and 3% were Asian.  The Police Commissioner noted that 90% of murder victims last year were African American or Hispanic. 

Mexican Drug Gangs Continue Bloody War:  Luis Ochoa of Reuters reports that the brutal Mexican drug gang Zetas is claiming responsibility of 49 headless corpses discovered Sunday along a highway outside of Monterrey, the country's most affluent city.  The hands and feet of the victims has also been cut off presumably to make identification more difficult.  Last week 18 decapitated bodies were found near Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city.  A week earlier the bodies of 9 people were found hanging from a bridge and 14 others found dismembered in Nuevo Laredo, just across the border from Laredo, Texas.  Security analyst Alberto Islas credits much of the recent violence to a fight between two drug gangs over control of cocaine from South America.  "They're fighting across the whole country with complete impunity," he said. 


If the numbers are evidence of racial bias, how are they not far more compelling evidence of gender bias?

If they were they would be, but they aren't so they aren't (with apologies to Lewis Carroll).

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