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News Scan

Virginia Governor Signs Voter ID Law: Steve Contorno of The Washington Examiner reports Virgina Governor Bob McDonnell on Friday signed bills that will require those who don't bring a valid form of identification to the polls to fill out a provisional ballot, and return to the polling place with an ID or send it in before their vote can be counted. He also issued an executive order to give all eligible Virginia voters a voter card. Before, voters who did not have an ID could sign an affidavit swearing under penalty of perjury that they are who they claim to be.

Grand Jury Says Realignment Making Jail Overcrowding Worse: Patti Piburn of KCOY-TV reports the San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury says realignment is contributing to over-crowding at the county jail. The Grand Jury's Annual Jail Inspection report, released today, says realignment adding to an already crowded situation is one of its main concerns. The report says the crowded conditions at the county jail have resulted in a reduction of inmate services. The report also says the jail doesn't have enough housing units, beds, and blankets, especially for the women housed there, and that many inmates have to sleep on plastic beds on the floor.

AG Says Texas Prison Officials Must Disclose Execution Drug Details: Michael Graczyk of the Associated Press reports the state attorney general's office ruled on Thursday Texas prison officials have to disclose information about the suppliers of the lethal drugs used for executions and how much of the drugs the Department of Criminal Justice currently has. The opinion came in response to public information requests filed by the Austin American-Statesman and the British newspaper The Guardian. Under state guidelines, the prison agency has 30 days to comply, or to challenge the opinion in court.

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