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The Truth Will Come Out at Trial........Er.........

When a high profile defendant is arrested in some scandal and, after a lifetime of craving and getting publicity, won't say beans to the media, what do we hear from defense counsel?

"We are not going to try this case in the press.  The Constitution provides for trials so the facts can come out through legal process.  It's wrong to draw any conclusions before my client has had his day in court.  We eagerly look forward to our opportunity to tell the whole story in the proper setting; don't be misled by this bunch of half-truths the government has loaded into the indictment."

And then what happens?

We found out today in the John Edwards trial.  Mr. Edwards, it should be remembered, is a multi-millionaire former senator and the 2004 Democratic candidate for Vice President.  He made his fortune as the Golden Boy trial lawyer of North Carolina.  Few, it was said, could speak to a jury as persuasively as he.

This is what he had to say today.

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