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Mrs. Sandusky Testifies

What passed for Jerry Sandusky's defense included the testimony of his wife, who maintained that she never saw anything amiss.

I don't usually follow the comments of Maureen Dowd in the New York Times, but I thought she did have an insightful slant on Mrs. Sandusky's outlook:

She did not seem to find it odd that her husband was acting emotional, lavishing gifts and doting on a child "like his girlfriend," as the grown-up accuser testified. (He noted that Mrs. Sandusky was "kind of cold," treating the fatherless boys like they were "Jerry's kids.")

Mrs. Sandusky seemed to wilt a bit and steel herself as she was shown pictures of the fresh-faced boys who grew up into messed-up men, taken at the age when the abuse allegedly happened -- handsome kids whose blue-collar working moms were thrilled to have the famous Jerry Sandusky take the boys on outings and overnights. As Dottie talked, her husband looked away from her, toward the pictures of the boys, for prolonged stretches.

Sounding a little acidic, as though she were describing a romantic rival, she said of one boy: "He was a charmer. He knew what to say and when to say it."

The notion that Mrs. Sandusky viewed the boys as "romantic rival[s]" was, I thought, devastating.

I don't write this to judge Mrs. Sandusky one way or the other.  I don't know how much she really knew, and I can understand why a normal woman and wife would resist knowing that she was living upstairs from an unimaginable cesspool. 

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