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No Lawyer Can Be This Stupid..............Not.

I previously noted that Jerry Sandusky's lawyer had moved to put on evidence about "histrionic personality disorder," a supposed form of mental illness in which the "victim" has  an overwhelming desire to be noticed, and often behaves inappropriately to get attention.

Today, the press reports that defense counsel "prevailed" on his motion.  Another such victory and Sandusky could wind up with the death penalty, notwithstanding that Pennsylvania law provides only for a prison term.  I mean, how much of this can the jury take?

I litigated cases for almost 20 years, and can say with certainty that the best thing defense counsel can do with this trial is get it over with.  Notwithstanding the Casey Anthony travesty, it's beyond impossible to believe that Sandusky isn't going to get convicted and go to jail for life.  The claimed personality "disorder" does not even purport to rebut the central evidence in the case, to wit, that Sandusky forcibly molested boys for 15 years.  So he wanted attention.  So what?

I really have no idea what defense counsel is up to, unless he thinks it's a good idea to enrage the jury in addition to turning their stomachs.  

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