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Quick Notes on SCOTUS Today

The Supreme Court today decided the expert testimony Confrontation Clause case, Williams v. Illinois, No. 10-8505.  Unfortunately, there is no majority opinion.  It is 4-1-4 for affirmance.  The Court also granted certiorari in a case from the D.C.Circuit, Smith v. United States, No. 11-8976.  The Court of Appeals opinion, known as United States v. Moore, 05-3050, is here.  It's a long opinion with many issues.  Apparently the issue granted cert. has to do with withdrawal from a conspiracy.

Still waiting on the Stolen Valor Act case and the juvenile murderers' cases.  Maybe Thursday.


There's also Sotomayor's Fairley dissent from denial of cert.

Williams may be short lived with Sotomayor in the dissent and Breyer and Thomas unwilling to join the plurality. Will lab techs be required to testify in the future? Future cases are sure to come.

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