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Score One for the Dark Side

Here's the bad news:

The Arkansas Supreme Court struck down the state's execution law Friday, calling it unconstitutional.  In a split decision, the high court sided with 10 death-row inmates who argued that, under Arkansas' constitution, only the Legislature can set execution policy. Legislators in 2009 voted to give that authority to the Department of Correction.

Here's the (sort of) good news:

It wasn't immediately clear what the court's ruling will mean for the 40 men on death row in Arkansas. There aren't any pending executions, and the state hasn't put anyone to death since 2005.

Others will know state practice better than I, but isn't it routine for the state corrections department to select the method of lethal injection?


When and where execution was by hanging, did any statute specify the height of the platform or the type of rope?

When and where execution was by firing squad, did any statute specify the number of the squad or the caliber of the bullets?

The executive has always decided matters of detail. This decision is absurd.

Hopefully, Arkansas has a method for removing activist hack judges like those who made this decision. I read the thing--it's a joke.

"Hack judges" was never more apt. And Kent's question is unanswerable.

On the other hand, it is Arkansas. Must depend on what the meaning of "is" is.

There is a surviving victim of one of the animals on death row. She was 11 when her mother was brutally killed. She was also attacked and thankfully survived. She deserves justice, and she certainly doesn't deserve the limbo. I hope the members of the majority feel good about themselves twisting the law to help a bunch of capital murderers. The arrogance of these people knows no bounds.

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