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Foie Gras Federalism

Now that it's illegal to serve foie gras in a California restaurant (leaving only 49 ways to love your liver), the Presidio Social Club is claiming to be exempt.  It is located on a former Army post in San Francisco which is now a federal park.  The restaurant's act of defiance is scheduled for Bastille Day.

How do you say "good luck with that" in French?

Paolo Lucchesi has this post at Inside Scoop SF on the SF Chron website.


Pate de foie gras may be morally equivalent to bear bating, n'est pas?

The puritans of England eliminated the animal abuse of bear bating as well as the legal abuse of the Star Chamber.

Me thinks they did well, consistent with Gen 49:6, & Prov 1:3, 12:10.

"pas de chance"
ou "bonne chance pour ca"

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