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"Highless" Marijuana

Maayan Lubell reports for Reuters:

Israeli researchers have developed a medicinal marijuana that can ease the symptoms of some ailments without making patients "high".

Cannabis has more than 60 constituents called cannabinoids. THC is perhaps the best known of those, less so for its medical benefits and more for its psychoactive properties that give people a "high" feeling.

But cannabis also contains Cannabidiol, or CBD, a substance that some researchers say has anti-inflammatory benefits. Unlike THC, it hardly binds to the brain's receptors and can therefore work without getting patients stoned.

If the new strain really does have the medical benefits without the high, this would be the perfect solution for those who actually do want medical marijuana for medical reasons.  The feds should be able to reclassify the new strain, state-law-authorized medical marijuana dispensaries could sell it without fear of federal prosecution, and all would be well, right?

Except for one thing.  The people who are using the whole "medical" marijuana movement as a scam to legalize a recreational drug would be frustrated.

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