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News Scan

Florida Allowed Access to Fed Database for Voter Purge: Charles Babington of the Associated Press reports the Department of Homeland Security has agreed to let the state of Florida have access to the federal SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) database, a list of resident noncitizens maintained by the department. The decision could affect other states such as Colorado that have asked for similar access to the database. Florida has agreed to only challenge voters if the state provides a "unique identifier," such as an "alien number," which are usually assigned to foreigners living in the U.S. with visas or other permits such as green cards.

San Francisco Doing Realignment "Right": Demian Bulwa of the San Francisco Chronicle reports San Francisco is not facing jail overcrowding issues because of efforts made before realignment was enacted to find alternatives to incarceration. San Francisco has even proposed its jails now take custody of inmates two months before their prison discharge date to help them obtain "the things they are going to need to be successful," said acting Sheriff Vicki Hennessy. Barry Krisberg, a criminologist at UC Berkeley's law school, said San Francisco is "showing how to make realignment work... San Francisco is doing what people who conceptualized realignment envisioned - a fundamental shift in the way California handles nonviolent, nonserious offenders." An analysis of the "nonviolent, nonserious" ex-prison inmates now supervised by probation officers instead of parole agents in San Francisco found, as of the end of June, that the average convict had eight previous felonies, and over half previously had a violent, sexual, or weapons-related offense. "The population is high-risk with high needs," said Wendy Still, the adult probation chief. John Loftus, a San Francisco police commander, said burglaries increased 16 percent and auto boosting more than 12 percent in the first half of 2012.

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