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SCOTUS Petitions Declining Slightly

The number of people asking the US Supreme Court to take up their cases has been on a very slight declining trend over the last six years.  The blue bars are petitions for which the filing fee has been paid.  The red bars are petitions "in forma pauperis," asking for a fee waiver due to indigence.  These petitions are mostly criminal defendants and prison inmates.

Click on the graph for a larger version.
These numbers are calculated using the last docket number before the Clerk starts over for the new term.  Docket numbers for paid cases for the term just completed ran from 11-1 to 11-1552, while IFP docket numbers ran from 11-5001 to 11-11160.  The Clerk starts numbering incoming petitions with numbers for the new term after the last regular session in June, even though the new term does not technically start until the first Monday in October.

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