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The Line of the Day, Courtesy of the Sandusky Defense

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The Jerry Sandusky case is an abomination and a tragedy, not something to joke about.  It's therefore discomfiting that the defense team keeps going and going in ways you can't make up (or at least normal people can't make up).

Thus I bring you this belly laugh from the defense, stated with the usual blustering indignation after a visit to Sandusky in the slammer:

Sandusky, 68, is under observation at the Centre County jail, where he is being kept away from other inmates pending a psychological review that will help determine the next step toward his sentencing in about three months.

''He's defiant and wants the truth to be told. He wants people to know that he's not guilty,'' said defense lawyer Karl Rominger, who visited his incarcerated client Monday.

That's it!  He "wants the truth to be told."  Mr. Rominger neglected to remind us, however, that his client had an ideal opportunity to tell the truth, and with the whole country listening:  He could have taken the stand.  And who declined to call him to the stand?  Why, the same lawyer who now blusters that he "wants the truth to be told."

I understand that counsel probably had good reason not to call Sandusky, i.e., he's not merely a liar but such an obvious liar that he would have convicted himself out of his own mouth about three minutes into cross examination.  Still, does the obligation to defend one's client extend to holding a post-trial press conference to make a fool of yourself?

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So true, so true...

I hope the Judge uses JS's "defiance" to give him a few extra years.

Unfortunately, as always, pedophiles never admit their crimes; we will never get a apology

I can't imagine who would want to hire these lawyers now...pedophiles know they were ineffective and the rest of us are horrified both by their incompence and the lack of ethics

All My. Children? I'll have a heart attack if he's found innocent?

Ummm, lawyers, unless you want the diatribe of hateful jokes to continue, you might want to take hese two to the ethics board

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