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Brown and Harris Mute on DP Repeal

Bob Egelko reports at the SF Chron political blog that neither the Governor nor the Attorney General of California will take a stand on the initiative to repeal the death penalty.

[A] reporter put in a call Monday to [AG Kamala] Harris' press office, where spokeswoman Lynda Gledhill said there were no plans for the attorney general to take a position on the initiative. She didn't give a reason.

As for the state's other high-profile death penalty opponent, forget it. Gov. Jerry Brown's office says he won't take a position on any November ballot measure except his own Prop. 30, which would raise income taxes on the richest Californians and increase sales taxes to avoid deep cuts in state programs.

I suppose that is good news as far as it goes.  I never expected either to come out opposed, so neutral is the best we could have expected.

Meanwhile, less publicly, the Governor continues to sabotage the death penalty by failure to use the authority he has to terminate the lethal injection litigation and resume executions.  His corrections department resists in court the efforts of victims and district attorneys to force these changes, and the Attorney General represents the department in these efforts.

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