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More on the DP Repeal Poll

Bill noted the new poll from Business Roundtable and Pepperdine University last night.  Pepperdine's press release on the poll is here, with the subhead "Support for Proposition 34 plummets."

"Events of the past two weeks may have shaped some of the changes we see in this week's results. For example, support for Prop 34, which would repeal California's death penalty, fell from 45.5% to 35.9%. While you can't be completely certain, the major decline in support for Prop 34 likely reflects a public response to the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado," said Dr. Michael Shires associate professor at Pepperdine University. "For many Californians, life in prison would not be severe enough for such a terrible crime."
Bingo.  Let's hope the people remember this for the next three months.


"Let's hope the people remember this for the next three months."

At this point, the only hope Prop 34 backers have is a statewide case of Alzheimers. The reality of what some people are capable of doing was very poorly timed for them.

The arguments in support of the ballot measure to abolish the death penalty are exaggerated at best and, in most cases, misleading and erroneous. Proposition 34 is being funded primarily by a wealthy, left-wing company out of Chicago, the ACLU, and similarly-oriented trust funds. It includes provisions that would only make our prisons less safe for both other prisoners and prison officials and significantly increase the costs to taxpayers due to life-time medical costs, the increased security required to coerce former death-row inmates to work, etc. The amount “saved” in order to help fund law enforcement is negligible and only for a short period of time. Bottom line, the “SAFE” Act is an attempt by those who are responsible for the high costs and lack of executions to now persuade voters to abandon it on those grounds. Obviously, these arguments would disappear if the death penalty was carried forth in accordance with the law. Get the facts at and supporting evidence at http://cadeathpenalty.webs.com and http://waiting4justice.org/.

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