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News Scan

Penn. Sexual Predator Guilty of 170 Counts: Bill Reed of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports Pennsylvania Judge Diane E. Gibbons found tattoo artist Walter Meyerle guilty of 170 counts of sex crimes against 15 different children including rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with minors, aggravated indecent assault, sexual assault, statutory sexual assault and dozens of misdemeanors. Meyerle was also found guilty of the possession of child pornography, and attempting to escape prison. Meyerle gained access to many of  the children, ages 4 to 17, through their parents, who either invited him into their homes or allowed the children to stay with him. After a 90-day sexual predator evaluation, mandatory under Megan's Law, Meyerle faces a life sentence according to Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Schorn. 

Female Mugger Rescued from Male Victim: Douglas Stanglin of USA Today reports two men came to what they thought was the rescue in a NJ mugging Monday, restraining the man and defending the woman. However, the good Samaritans found out too late the woman who got away was the assailant, not the victim. She stole $400 in cash and a $500 gold chain.

Texas Inmates Served Pet Food: Rheana Murray of New York Daily News reports inmates at a Texas prison were served pet food rather than beef fajitas sometime between 2006 and 2007. The Federal Bureau of Prisons was accidentally sold the pet food by John Soules Foods, who admittedly failed to re-label the boxes after the beef was improperly freezing. Though no illnesses were reported, the food company is settling the case for $392,000.

Casey Anthony Off Probation Friday:  Mike Schneider reports for Associated Press that Casey Anthony will no longer be on probation after Friday, but the Department of Corrections is not disclosing her present location or the time of her actual release. Anthony had been acquitted in 2011 of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, but was convicted of check fraud in 2010 and ordered to serve probation for one year. She will be free to leave Florida at any time.

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