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News Scan

Mumbai Attacker's Death Sentence Upheld: Pratap Patnaik of Bloomberg News reports a two-judge India Supreme Court panel upheld the death penalty for gunman Mohammed Ajmal Kasab. In the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks on India's financial capital, 166 people were killed by attackers armed with assault rifles and grenades during an assault lasting over 60 hours. Kasab was the only attacker caught alive. Kasab can seek a top court review of the case or appeal for presidential clemency.

NY Child Killer Sentenced 40 Years to Life: Colleen Long of the Huffington Post headlines Levi Aron was sentenced to 40 years to life Wednesday. Aron had pleaded guilty to kidnapping, killing, and dismembering an 8-year-old boy who approached him for directions in Brooklyn. The boy lost his way home from a religious day camp. Aron bound, drugged and suffocated the child after he saw missing person fliers and panicked. Aron then dismembered the boy. His feet were in Aron's freezer, and his body, legs severed from his torso, was found in bags inside a red suitcase in the trash a mile from Aron's apartment.

NY to Increase Use of TV Prison Visits: Oren Yaniv of the Daily News reports NY will be quadrupling its closed-circuit TV prison visit program in the fall. Family visitations under this program consist of inmates talking with family members via a large screen, and can be allowed more often than physical visits. The program is currently being implemented in Albion women's prison, and will be expanding to numerous male-only prisons across the state. NY corrections officials also intend to continue in person visits.

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