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The Beginning of Closure

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It's often said that you don't have to experience something to know much about it.  That might be true in some ways, but it's not true for the crime of murder.  If you've known someone who was murdered, as I have, it's a terrible experience that no measure of sympathy can meet.  When the murder remains unsolved for many years, it's downright awful. 

Now comes news that Jeffrey Sauerbry has been charged with the murder of my friend, Summer Shipp.  Shipp  was last seen conducting surveys in Sauerbry's neighborhood in December 2004. Shipp's remains were discovered three years later along a river in Independence, MO - she had been strangled and her throat had been slashed.  Evidently, Mr. Sauerbry was just convicted of another murder that occurred in 1998.  

This is the beginning of closure. 

1 Comment

I'm sorry for your loss. May justice prevail.

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