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The Biggest Risk Factor

A sad story from the City of Brotherly Love:

A police officer was shot to death blocks from his precinct house just after he finished his shift early Saturday in what authorities suspect was a street robbery. Police announced rewards totaling $30,000 to help them make an arrest.

Officer Moses Walker Jr., 40, was shot several times around 6 a.m. about four blocks from his station in north Philadelphia, police said. He wasn't wearing a uniform. The 19-year-veteran, who was unmarried and had no children, was pronounced dead at a hospital in a city where on average nearly one person has been slain every day this year.

And these words of wisdom:

"When we catch this guy, I guarantee you he's not going to be an upstanding citizen with a license to carry," [Lt.] Evers said. "He's going to be a bad guy with a long record with an illegal gun."

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