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Cleve Foster Executed, Finally

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A follow-up to yesterday's post, Michael Graczyk reports on the execution for AP.

"It's offensive to us the frivolous appeals that were thrown up at the Supreme Court last minute," said Terry Urnosky, whose 22-year-old daughter's death was blamed on Foster and a partner, Sheldon Hale. "One stay after another, just delaying the closure our families sought."
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"It wasn't the violent death that both Mary and my daughter experienced," her father said. "I feel it was way too easy, but it is what it is."

Foster blamed Pal's slaying on Ward, one of his Army recruits who became a close friend. Prosecutors said evidence showed Foster actively participated in her death, offered no credible explanations, lied and gave contradictory stories about his sexual activities with her.

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I continue to believe that the previous stays in this case were an abuse of power by SCOTUS. These families were put through hell and then victimized again by the US Supreme Court.

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