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News Scan

Fresno's Ninth Murder by Realignment Offender:  Another criminal the State of California designates as "non violent" under Governor Brown's Realignment law (AB109) has committed murder.  KSEE 24 News reports that yesterday, 26-year-old Michael Crockell, a repeat felon on the street on PRCS (post-release community supervision) stabbed a Fresno woman to death, stabbed her roommate multiple times and stabbed a responding police officer.  Watch the video to hear Sheriff Dyer's take on Realignment. 

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Ward Churchill's Firing:  The former University of Colorado professor who proclaimed that the workers killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11 were technocrats like Nazi Adolf Eichmann, has lost his legal bid for reinstatement as reported by Anthony Cotton at the Denver Post.  Churchill who was head of the school's Ethnic Studies Department had built his entire career on lies, including that he was an American Indian, which was detailed in this earlier Denver Post article.  He was fired in 2007 after academics came forward with accusations of plagiarism and fraud in his writing and research.  Churchill has promised to appeal the Colorado court's opinion to the U.S. Supreme Court.

LA Judge Will Not Order One-Drug Execution Method.  Linda Deutsch reports for AP that LA Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler denied the DAs request to order the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to execute Mitchell Sims and Tiequon Cox with a single-drug method.  The ruling is on jurisdictional grounds.  No word is immediately available whether the DA will seek review of this order or proceed with a different procedural vehicle.

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