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News Scan

TX Double Killer Gets Death Penalty: Kim Smith of the Arizona Daily Star reports Michael Carlson received the death penalty in Texas Wednesday for murdering two people in 2009. Carlson was convicted of shooting the couple he was staying with to death, throwing their bodies into trash pits on the property, then burning them. Carlson has a violent criminal history and was on parole at the time of the murders. Carlson does not agree with his defense's portrayal of him as a victim, but rather considers himself a manipulator. Carlson admitted in a TV interview to the killings, then also falsely confessed to eight other gruesome killings, which police determined never happened. Carlson also confessed to the 2003 shooting to death of his sister in Tucson.

Cameras Installed to Watch MD Police Cameras: Ari Ashe of WTOP News reports in Maryland, cameras are being installed to watch speed and red-light cameras in response to many of the cameras being damaged this year. Under Maryland law, speed cameras cannot be used for anything but pictures of speeding.

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