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Bad v. Worse in Washington Supreme Court Race

In a post last Friday about the Florida Supreme Court election, I noted why appointment with yes/no retention elections is a better method of judicial selection and tenure than life tenure.

At the diagonally opposite corner of the contiguous 48 we see why selecting justices in regular election campaigns is a bad idea.  Friends of justice will have to mark their ballots while holding their noses.  See prior post.

Steve Miletich has this article in the Seattle Times.  "In 2010, McCloud says, Sanders inflamed racial tensions when he said certain minority groups are disproportionally represented in prison because they commit more crimes."

It is true beyond dispute that the crime rate is higher among black Americans, particularly, than among whites, and that is the primary reason why the prison demographics differ from the general population.  We can argue about the underlying reasons for this fact, but no rational person can dispute the fact.  How ironic that Sanders' biggest problem comes from one of the more sensible things he has said.

[Sanders] also stood up at a meeting of the Federalist Society in Washington, D.C., in 2008 and shouted "Tyrant! You are a tyrant!" at then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey after Mukasey defended the Bush administration's counterterrorism policies.

"Those are not examples of professionalism, they are not examples of objectivity, they are not examples of fairness," McCloud said.

That is quite true, and that is one of the reasons for the nose-holding.  Based on what I have heard from Washington prosecutors, though, the chances of victims of crime and the law-abiding public getting objectivity and fairness from McCloud are roughly those of a snowball in Mount St. Helens during an eruption.

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