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Jerry Sandusky: He Keeps Going and Going

I have given a hard time to defense lawyers for some of their antics in the name of, supposedly, defending the Constitution, when what they're actually defending is the dreadful and not infrequently dangerous criminal they have adopted as their client.  It seems to me that attempting to return to the street a person you know or ought to know is just as likely to do it again  --  or worse  --  carries some moral problems that cannot be swept under the rug simply by the rote incantation that everybody deserves a lawyer and that's how the system works.  The "system" didn't fall out of the sky.  We made it, and we can change it.  Having a law license is not an exemption from the moral requirements of adult life.

I expect to continue in that same vein, but, to be fair, there's only so much you can do with a client like Jerry Sandusky.  Coach Sandusky issued a statement from jail, on the eve of his sentencing, casting a jaundiced eye on his "accusers." a/k/a, in the real world, his victims.

I have to believe his defense lawyers did everything in their power to dissuade him, but Sandusky is so into his own world of belligerent denial that he thinks he's going to get away with something like this.

Somehow, I just don't think the court is going to buy it.  As I said, there are some clients beyond any defense lawyer's ability to help. 

[Update:  Post-sentencing story by Mike Scolforo of AP is here. -- KS]

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