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Justice, Finally, for Jonathan Green

Kent noted here that the Fifth Circuit lifted the stay of execution granted by the district court, and that the Supreme Court refused to hear Green's case.

The execution was carried out last night, according to the AP.

Asked by the warden if he had a statement from the death chamber gurney, Green shook his head and replied, "No."

But seconds later he changed his mind, saying: "I'm an innocent man. I never killed anyone. Y'all are killing an innocent man."

He then looked down and said his left arm, where one of the needles carrying the lethal drug was inserted, and said, "It's hurting me bad." But almost immediately he began snoring loudly. The sounds stopped after about six breaths.

Green was condemned for the abduction, rape and strangling of 12 year-old Christina Neal, whose body was found at his home in 2000 about a month after she was reported missing.

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