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News Scan

UT Inmate Pleads Guilty in Guard's Death: Shannon Dininny of the Associated Press reports Utah inmate Curtis Allgier plead guilty to killing a prison guard in 2007, agreeing to a sentence of life without parole. Allgier, a neo Nazi, took the plea to avoid the death penalty. Allgier admitted to shooting the guard to death with his own gun while being escorted to a doctor's appointment. Allgier's extensive criminal history includes disarming a police officer, aggravated escape, robbery, possessing a firearm while on parole, attempted murder, forgery, burglary, and theft dating back to 2000. Allgier is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 5.

Oakland Homicides Spike, 5 Dead: Henry Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle reports over the course of 18 hours on Tuesday, five men were shot and killed in Oakland, California. Two of the victims were killed by the same shooter. Police have not disclosed any motives nor made any arrests.

Mass. Appeals Judge's Sex Change Decision:
The Associated Press reports Massachusetts filed an appeal Tuesday of U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf's decision to grant convicted murderer Michelle Koselik's request for a sex change. The sex reassignment surgery would be paid for by tax payers. Continued from this news scan.

CA Quad-Killer Denied Parole: Larry Welborn of the Orange County Register reports the California State Parole Board denied Brett Matthew Paul Thomas' bid for parole Tuesday. The parole hearing was held at the R. J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego. The daughter and sister of two of the victims traveled to the hearing from the East Coast to oppose the convicted quadruple murderer's parole. Thomas will be up for parole again in 2014. The original news scan is here.

Man Denies Murder in TV Interview, Confesses to Police:
Tyler Rudick of Culture Map Houston reports that Mark Augustin Castellano confessed to murdering his girlfriend and dumping her body two days after telling TV psychologist Dr. Phil he did not kill her. Castellano confessed on Sunday to grabbing his girlfriend by the throat during a verbal dispute, breaking her neck, and finally dumping her body in an oil field in Texas. Castellano has been charged with murder.

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