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News Scan

Parole Recommended for CA Double-Murderer, Manson Follower: NBC News headlines the California Parole Board recommended convicted double-murderer Bruce Davis, associate of Charles Manson, for parole Thursday. This was Davis' 27th parole hearing. Davis was convicted of killing two men with Manson in 1969 and was sentenced to two life terms. Davis was not involved with the infamous Tate murders. The recommendation came despite opposition from Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Sequeira. Governor Brown will either approve, deny, or modify the recommendation. SF Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders has this post on the issue.

NY Sets More Strict Rules for Prison Visits: The Associated Press reports the New York Department of Corrections has set tougher inmate visitation rules for the more than 54,000 inmates in the NY prison system. The rules include the 6-month suspension of visitations for an inmate caught with drugs, and indefinite suspension if the visitor commits any violation which would terminate a current visit. The rules are effective this week at all 60 NY prisons.

SC Inmate Punches Attorney in Court, Upset with Sentence: PIX11 News has this video of handcuffed South Carolina inmate Lamarcus Williamson punching his lawyer in the face Wednesday after being sentenced to 15-years in prison for assault, robbery, and drug charges. Bailiffs were able to subdue Williamson and pull him off his lawyer. He will serve an additional six months for the attack.

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