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News Scan

Oakland City Council Candidate Robbed After Crime Prevention Meeting: Henry Lee of the SF Gate reports Oakland City Council Candidate Dan Kalb was robbed at gunpoint after attending a neighborhood crime prevention council meeting. Kalb had just gotten out of his car and was grabbing things out of his car when he felt something lightly poke his ribs. He turned around and saw the robber with a gun pointed at him who demanded Kalb's iPhone. Kalb immediately went home and called the police after the assailant told him to run. This occurred on the same day the Oakland Police Chief reported that crime in the city has increased by 20% compared to last year.  The SF Chronicle story is here .

Overcrowded Merced Jails Stop Accepting Parole Violators: Victor Patton of the Merced Sun-Star reports on a Merced County Sheriff's Department announcement Wednesday that the county's jails will no longer book some parole violators due to overcrowding due to AB 109, Governor Brown's realignment law. According to a sheriff's spokesperson, only parolees who get new criminal charges, active warrants, serious parole violations, and sex offenders will serve time in the jails. All other parole violators will remain at home or on the streets. Though the implementation will be case-by-case, many local law enforcement leaders are very concerned.

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