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News Scan

OH Execution Gurney Capable of Holding Overweight Inmate: The Associated Press reports Southern Ohio Correctional Facility Warden Donald Morgan said the execution table in the prison is capable of holding 480-pound death row inmate Ronald Post. A 420-pound prison employee was placed on the table, and 540 pounds of weights at another time, to test the weight capacity of the execution gurney. In September, Post filed to have his execution delayed, arguing his weight could cause serious problems for executioners and the table may not be able to hold him. Continued from this news scan.

CO Killer Identified, Arrested: The Associated Press headlines 17-year-old Austin Reed Sigg was arrested for the murder of Jessica Ridgeway in Colorado Tuesday night. Denver police arrested Sigg at his home, one mile from where Ridgeway lived, after receiving a phone tip. Sigg's mother told the Associated Press Wednesday that he turned himself in. He will be charged with Ridgeway's murder and the attempted abduction of a 22-year-old. Continued from this news scan.

GA Mass Murderer Pleads Guilty Mid-Trial: The Associated Press reports mass murderer Richard Ringold accepted a plea bargain in the 2009 shooting deaths of three adults and a girl in Georgia. The guilty plea was accepted moments before a survivor of the attack was to testify. She was only 7-years-old at the time of the rampage. Ringold plead guilty to avoid the death sentence, accepting life without parole.

NY Sex Offender Claims Memory Loss During Rapes:
Janon Fisher of the New York Daily Times reports high-risk sex offender Jonathan Stewart told police he cannot remember raping his victim twice last month due to an alcohol-laced energy drink induced amnesia. Stewart alleges he drank five alcoholic energy drinks, vodka, and smoked marijuana prior to the attack. Stewart says he was going to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and remembers nothing of the attack, only waking up. Continued from this news scan.

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