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The Bare Facts

Detroit has its share of problems.  It has a bulging murder rate.  There is no death penalty (there or elsewhere in Michigan).  Its former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, is now on trial for corruption in placing city contracts.  Former City Council bigwig Monica Conyers, wife of Ranking Member John Conyers of the House Judiciary Committee, is in federal prison for taking bribes.  

Still, Detroit has something to make us smile (or groan, I'm not sure which):  It has a judge who sends nude pictures of himself to courtroom staff.  It seems that Judge Wade McCree sent the photos to a female bailiff.  She was smart enough not to complain, given how things work in that city, but it didn't go over real well with her husband, who did.  The Michigan Supreme Court today publicly censured Judge McCree for misconduct.  The story is here.

The Judge would not seem to be entirely contrite.  His reaction was, among other things, "There's no shame in my game."  Well, whatever.  At least he's good at rhyming.  Maybe he knows Jesse Jackson.

P.S.  Judge McCree is the son of Wade H. McCree, Jr., the second black Solicitor General of the United States (1977-1981).  Early in my career at DOJ, when I was fresh out of law school, I met Gen. McCree while we were walking to work across Constitution Ave.  We struck up a casual friendship even though he was the SG and I was a complete nobody.  I have seldom met a classier or more gracious man.  

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