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Your Brain on Drugs....

...looks like this: 

Italian Scientists Convicted over Earthquake Warning 

L'AQUILA, Italy (Reuters) - An Italian court convicted six scientists and a government official of manslaughter on Monday and sentenced them to six years in prison for failing to give adequate warning of a deadly earthquake which destroyed the central city of L'Aquila and killed more than 300 people in 2009.

The story is here.

It's all true, ladies and gentlemen.  While our high-minded friends in the EU are unwilling to have such a Dark Ages punishment as the death penalty, they are willing to put their citizens in jail  --  for six years  --  for failing to warn of an earthquake. This would be a wonderful thing to remember the next time some ever-so-civilized fop from across the pond starts in on you about how backward America is.


Particularly bizarre in light of the fact that no one on earth knows how to reliably predict earthquakes.

They might as well have convicted them for not preventing the earthquake, while they were at it.

The whole thing smacks of witchcraft trials, which is why I referred to "Dark Ages punishment." The idea that these people want to lecture the United States (plus the Orient, the Subcontinent, the Mideast, and Africa) about how backward they are to be using capital punishment is well nigh hilarious.

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