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News Scan

CA County Jail Sees Increase in Attacks: Paul Payne of the Press Democrat reports the Sonoma County jail has become more violent since Realignment according to Sheriff Steve Freitas. Inmates have been attacking correctional deputies 70 percent more often since AB 109 took effect. Fights between inmates have also increased. Of the 303 prisoners realigned to the county, 43 reoffended and are back in jail. There are 186 convicted felons who would have received prison sentences prior to Realignment that were sent to the jail, some serving as long as eight-year sentences. With more serious felons entering the jail, more criminals convicted of lesser offenses are being sent home with GPS ankle bracelets.

CA Juvenile Crime Hits Record Low: Rina Palta of KPCC News has this article on a report from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice in San Francisco that shows youth crime was at its lowest in recorded history in 2011 in California. The state began tracking juvenile crime rates in 1954. The report found that in 2011 there were 3,483.1 arrests of offenders aged 10-17 per 100,000 youths in the state. In the mid-90s, there were about 11,000 juveniles incarcerated at any given time. In 2011, the number has dropped to 7,500.  The report's author opines that the relaxing of marijuana laws and fewer teens living in poverty caused the drop.  He said that improved policing and tougher sentencing had nothing to do with it.  Yea right.

SC Seeks Death Penalty: Karen Kissiah of the Cheraw Chronicle reports that South Carolina will seek the death penalty for murderer Nickolas Jermaine Miller. Miller allegedly followed 30-year-old Beverly Hope Melton from a convenience store, ran her car off the road then kidnapped, raped, and brutally beat the woman to death with a baseball bat. The victim's car was found still running on the side of a road. After her body was found, police identified Miller's car in surveillance footage from the store and stopped him. An officer spotted blood on his car and a blood-covered baseball bat in his back seat. Miller was charged with murder and kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct, and torture in the commission of a murder.

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