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News Scan

LA Gang Member Sentenced to Death: The Associated Press reports Superior Court Judge Ronald H. Rose sentenced Pedro Espinoza to death in Los Angeles Friday. Espinoza, a gang member, shot and killed a star high school football player execution-style because he was wearing a red Spider-Man backpack, which Espinoza believed tied the victim to a rival gang. The victim was, in fact, not associated with any gang. Espinoza had been arrested and released from jail on unrelated charges prior to the murder.

FL Jury Recommends Death Penalty:
The Associated Press reports that a Florida jury voted 11-1 last Friday in support of a death sentence for Kenneth Ray Jackson.  Jackson was found guilty of the kidnap, rape, and stabbing murder of a mother of three during her morning jog.  After killing the victim Jackson placed her body in a stolen van which he set on fire.

CA DA Cites Increase in County Crime Since Realignment: Marissa Pendergrass of KION News 46 reports that Monterey County District Attorney Dean Flippo believes crime in California has begun to rise since the implementation of Gov. Brown's realignment (AB109). Since October 2011 implementation of realignment,  Monterey County has received an additional 206 criminals from the state for supervision. According to Flippo, state funding to counties under AB 109 does not account for the costs of increased crime nor increased insurance rates caused by higher crime.  His department is cycling the same so called "low risk" criminals through the system as they commit new crimes upon release.

OK Jury Recommends Death for Killer of Mother, Two Children: The Associated Press reports a jury recommended the death penalty for Shaun Michael Bosse in Oklahoma Friday. Bosse was convicted of killing a mother and her two young children, 8- and 6-years old, in 2010. Bosse was found guilty of killing the mother by sharp-force trauma, before he stabbed the 8-year-old to death. He threw the 6-year-old in a closet and blocked the door, then set the house on fire.  The child died of smoke inhalation.  Bosse was also convicted of arson. Sentencing is set for Dec. 18.

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