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OK Executes Daycare Killer: Steve Olafson of Reuters reports that Garry Thomas Allen was executed in Oklahoma Tuesday. He was pronounced dead at 6:10 p.m. by lethal injection. Allen had entered a blind guilty plea in the 1986 murder of the mother of his two children. After she arrived to pick up their two young children, Allen shot her four times to death in front of daycare employees. A drunk Allen, who officers found in an alley, attempted to steal the officer's gun and the officer non fatally shot Allen in the face. Allen lost his left eye and suffered some brain damage. Allen was the fifth inmate executed in the state in 2012.

Accused Murderer Attacks Attorney in Court: The Los Angeles Times has this article about accused murderer Rafael Mendoza who slashed the face of his attorney with a makeshift weapon as jurors entered the court Monday. Mendoza allegedly killed a woman whose body was found in 2010. After the attack, Judge Valeriano Saucedo declared a mistrial. Mendoza will face additional charges.

Looting Prompts NY Residents to Take Up Arms After Sandy: CBS New York reports increased looting and thefts in areas that were most affected by Sandy has caused residents to either take up arms or leave town to stay safe.

U.S. Soldier Faces Death Penalty: Bill Rigby of Reuters reports lead prosecutor Lieutenant Colonel Jay Morse is seeking the death sentence for Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. An armed Bales allegedly left his camp twice in one night and killed 16 Afghan villagers, mainly women and children. The hearing is expected to last about two weeks.

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Re: the attorney slashing. No mistrial should have been declared--the defendant should have been forced to go without an attorney.

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