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News Scan

AZ Cop Killer Will Be Parole Eligible: Felicia Fonseca of the Associated Press reports that the schizophrenic murderer of a deputy sheriff, Scott Curley, was sentenced to 25 years with the possibility of parole Tuesday in Arizona. Curley, 25, pleaded guilty to the ambush murder of a Kane County Deputy Officer during a four-day manhunt. Prior to the murder, Curley had broken into the home of a childhood friend and stole an assault rifle. He then held a school custodian hostage at gunpoint before fleeing into the wilderness. Curley pleaded guilty to theft, burglary, aggravated assault, and murder. His plea bargain avoided his going to trial on October 9 on ten counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. He could be released from prison after age 40.

Stanislaus County Jail Inmates Set Fires to Gain Release: Patty Guerra of the Modesto Bee reports Stanislaus County Honor Farm inmates set two separate fires in hopes of being released under AB 109. The first was set Tuesday, the second Monday. Arson without injuries is not eligible for prison as it is considered a nonviolent, non-serious, and non-sexual crime. By burning down the honor farm barracks and no room in the county jail, inmates hoped officials would have to release them back onto the streets in time to go home for Christmas. Stanislaus Sheriff Adam Christianson said, "This is a direct result of Realignment." 

Stockton Gold Chain Robberies Spike: Ron Jones of CBS13 reports Stockton, a city plagued with increased crime due to Realignment, has seen a spike in gold chain robberies in the last six months. Since April, about 250 gold chains have been stolen off persons, most in broad daylight. The peak hours are between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. according to police. The most notorious case this year happened on September 17. Armando Pina, 60, was robbed and killed in the middle of the afternoon while taking a walk in a park. Stockton typically has one such robbery occur each day at minimum.

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