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News Scan

CA to Release First Third-Striker After Prop 36 Passed: The Associated Press reports Kenneth Corley will be the first inmate to be released from prison after California's November 6 adoption of Proposition 36. Corley has been in prison since 1996. He was a lifelong, nonviolent drug addict serving a 25 to life sentence for repeated burglaries in order to provide for his addiction. 

Death Row Inmate Claims He Killed Nicole Brown Simpson:
Alan Duke of CNN reports death row inmate Glen Rogers confessed to his brother Clay Rogers and criminal profiler Anthony Meoli that he, not O.J. Simpson, killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994. Rogers says O.J. was waiting nearby. According to Rogers, O.J. hired him to break into Nicole's condominium and steal diamond earrings Simpson had given to Nicole. Allegedly, Simpson told Rogers, "You may have to kill the b*tch." After killing Brown Simpson and Goldman, Rogers went on a cross-county killing spree during which he may have claimed up to 70 female victims. He was arrested in Ohio in November 1995. Rogers is on death row in both California and Florida, and is awaiting execution in Florida and has exhausted all appeals. Los Angeles Police Department Commander Andrew Smith said detectives will investigate the claims.

NY Duffel Bag Triple Killer Arrested: Tom Hays of the Associated Press reports garment salesman Salvatore Perrone was arrested for three Brooklyn murders Wednesday. Perrone allegedly shot and killed three shopkeepers who were working alone in separate incidents. A duffel bag identified in surveillance footage was found in his girlfriend's apartment. The bag contained a sawed-off rifle used in the killings, with Perrone's fingerprint on them, ammunition, gloves, a bloody knife, bleach, and women's clothing. No motive has been established. Perrone will return to court Tuesday.

MI Man Charged With Four Murders: Ed White of the Associated Press reports James Brown was charged with four counts of first-degree murder in Detroit  Monday. Brown allegedly murdered four women suspected to be escorts, stuffed their bodies into trunks of abandoned cars and set them on fire. The victims were killed and dumped in pairs. The most Brown will serve if convicted in Michigan is life without parole.

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