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News Scan

CT Murderer Hogties, Strangles Prison Cellmate: Hilda Munoz of the Hartford Courant reports a jury convicted Connecticut prison inmate Jose Jusino of the 2009 murder of his cellmate Tuesday. Jusino was serving a 30-year sentence at the time of the killing. He had pleaded guilty to a murder in 2006. Jusino allegedly knocked his cellmate out with a punch to the head, hogtied him, then strangled him. Once dead, Jusino carved 'King Guala' into his cellmate's chest. 'King' refers to Jusino's desired gang and 'Guala' to his nickname. Despite Connecticut abolishing the death penalty last spring, Jusino is eligible because his crime took place before the law changed.

TX Murderer Attempts Prison Escape, Kills Corrections Officer: Michael Graczyk of the Associated Press reports convicted killer John Ray Falk Jr. may face the death penalty in Texas for a 2007 prison escape that cost corrections officer Susan Canfield her life. Falk and fellow inmate Jerry Martin, on death row for a 2009 murder, were in a work crew outside of the prison when they tried to escape. With Falk's help, Martin rushed a sergeant and took his revolver. Martin then gave the gun to Falk who held the sergeant at gunpoint. Martin and Falk then climbed the barb-wire fence. Once in the parking lot, Falk opened fire on Canfield who was on horseback. Falk subdued her and took her rifle. Meanwhile, Martin got a truck then rammed Canfield and her horse. She was thrown and hit the windshield then fell to the ground. She died of head trauma. Falk and Martin then drove off, dumped the truck, and carjacked a woman. Both criminals were apprehended within 4 hours.

VA Hitman Waives Appeals, Set for Execution: Michael L. Owens of the Bristol Herald Courier reports Virginia will execute Robert Charles Gleason Jr. on January 16. Gleason waived his appeals in two cases for which he was sentenced to death. Gleason, a hitman, was sentenced to life without parole for shooting a man to death in 2008 to coverup a methamphetamine ring. In 2009, Gleason became annoyed with his mentally impaired cellmate, and beat and strangled him to death. In 2010, he strangled a convicted carjacker in the yard at a supermax prison. Gleason says the killing will not stop until he is put to death. In Virginia, condemned murderers can choose whether to die by lethal injection or electrocution. Gleason has until January 1 to decide before the method defaults to lethal injection. In interviews, he has said he intends to choose electrocution as his research shows the method is quicker.     

AZ Mom Allegedly Murders Her Children, May Face Death Penalty: Kim Smith of the Arizona Daily Star reports Perla Morales will face the death penalty in Arizona if convicted. Morales allegedly shot her 4-year-old daughter and 17-month-old son to death on August 11. The day her boyfriend threatened to leave her, Morales shot her daughter three times in the torso, then her son twice in the torso and in the arm. She then called police and told the dispatcher she shot her children and slit her wrists. Upon arrival, responders found her son dead at the scene. Her daughter died an hour later in the hospital. Morales is set to appear in court December 17. 

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