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News Scan

US Prisons May House Guantanamo Detainees: The Associated Press reports that if Guantanamo Bay closes, detainees may be integrated into six Defense Department and 98 Justice department prisons in the United States according to a Government Accountability Office study. Of the 166 detainees, many are accused of plotting terrorist acts. There are currently 373 prisoners who were convicted of terrorism in U.S. prisons.

Female Inmates Coming to Folsom Prison:
The CimRiders Blog for the California Correctional Peace Officers Association reports the last 400 female inmates at the Valley State Prison for Women will be moved to Folsom State Prison. The unused Folsom Transitional Treatment Facility is being remodeled and renamed the Folsom Women's Facility. The facility will be opened in two phased: the first in December and the second in January.

NYC Has Violent Crime Free Day: NBC News New York reports no calls came into police involving a victim who was shot, stabbed, or slashed Monday in New York City. Murders are down 23 percent, with 366 so far in 2012 compared to 472 in 2011. This is the lowest murder rate the city has seen since 1960. Overall crime in the city is up 3 percent due to an increase in tablet and smart phone thefts according to officials.

Mexican Mafia Running CA Street Gang From Prison: Steve Chawkins of the Los Angeles Times reports Martin Madrigal, part of the prison-based Mexican Mafia, was found to be running a Ventura County gang despite being locked up in an out-of-state prison. According to law enforcement officials, Madrigal was coordinating violent crimes, extortion schemes, and drug deals. He had Ventura County gang member Edwin Mora enforcing his decisions on the street. A 35-count grand jury indictment was released Tuesday naming 27 members.

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