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Prop 34 Returns

As of 8:54 PST, with 14% of precincts reporting, the California death penalty repeal initiative is behind 43-56.  It's still early. The Secretary of State's web page on ballot measures is here.


9:05 p.m., 20.4% reporting, 44.0-56.0.  Pretty steady so far.
10:30 p.m., 24.10% reporting 44.3-55.7.  Tightening just a shade.

11:04 p.m., 35.8% reporting, 45.0-55.0.  Still a 10% lead with over 1/3 in.

11:38 p.m., 45.8% reporting, 45.9-54.1.  Margin is 8% as we approach halfway. 

12:11 a.m., 59.3% reporting, 45.8-54.2.

2:31 a.m., 83% reporting, 46.9-53.1

~3:38 a.m., 87% reporting, 47.1%-52.9.  AP still not willing to call the race.  Howard Mintz and Matt O'Brien at the Mercury-News, in their 3:06 update, say California voters have rejected the measure.

5:25 a.m., 94.8% reporting, 47.4-52.6.  The County Status Page indicates that the unreported precincts are in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties (which extend from east of L.A. to Arizona).  This is good territory for us, so the margin will likely increase as these come in.

10:37 a.m.:  The Yes campaign has conceded in a press release.

The sun also rises.  This is an important victory in a generally disappointing election.


00:11 - 59.3% reporting, 45.8 - 54.2.

02:42 - 85.2% reporting, 47.0 - 53.0

08:03 - 100% reporting, 47.2 - 52.8

Just over 500,000 votes ahead. Now to await the numbers of vote-by-mail/provisional/damaged ballot, aka unprocessed ballots, count. Should be 1-1.5 million or so to process.

At this time two years ago, Kamala Harris's margin in the AG race was 0.5%, and the final margin was 0.8%. I think we are safe in assuming there will not be a 5% shift from those additional ballots.

Would tend to agree, sir, but I recall watching how Prop 29 closed with unprocessed ballots in June. I believe it almost made up a similar deficit.

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