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New Cal. Prison Chief

On December 8, 2008, in a trial in which prison inmates sought to force the State of California to release prisoners, an expert witness on behalf of the inmates was Jeffrey Beard, the head of the Pennsylvania prison system.

Four years later, Gov. Jerry Brown has chosen Jeffrey Beard to head the California prison system.  David Siders has this post at the SacBee Capitol Alert blog.  I will reserve judgment for now, but that is not a good sign.

One thing I want to know from Mr. Beard.  Will you, unlike your predecessor, use the authority you have under the law to invoke an exception to the Administrative Procedure Act, put into immediate effect an execution protocol that will meet the requirements imposed by the federal court, move to lift the stay, and get executions promptly restarted?

Click your ruby slippers three times and say, "single drug, operational need."

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