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News Scan

TX Prison Murder Rate Surges: The Associated Press reports murders among inmates in Texas prisons are at a 15-year high. In 2012, 11 inmates were killed while incarcerated. This is the highest rate since 10 were killed in 1997. All other violent crimes and the number of weapons confiscated in 2012 have declined. 

DNA of Executed Killer May Solve Cold Cases: The Associated Press reports the Cook County Sheriff's Department in Illinois has created DNA profiles of prolific killers who have been executed to help solve cold cases. According to the article, Illinois will only send DNA profiles of known felons to the FBI for inclusion in the database if they were convicted after enactment of the state's DNA testing law, but the profiles of homicide victims may be sent in regardless of time.  So they sent in the profiles of the executed murderers as "victims" of a homicide, although a justified one.  The database is shared with law enforcement agencies all over. One example of an inmate entered into the database is John Wayne Gacy who killed numerous young men. Cook County sheriffs are hoping other departments will add the DNA of their executed murderers to the database.

NY Jury Finds Model Sane, Guilty of Murder:
Colleen Long of the Associated Press reports that Portuguese model Renato Seabra was convicted in New York Friday of castrating and murdering his male lover. The jury did not accept Seabra's not guilty plea by reason of insanity. Seabra's victim was a 65-year-old Portuguese writer and TV personality. Seabra was found guilty of choking the victim, beating and stomping his face, and stabbing him with a corkscrew in the face and groin. Seabra will be sentenced December 21. He is facing life in prison.

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