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News Scan

NBC Sued Over Edited Zimmerman Police Call: Erik Wemple of the Washington Post reports George Zimmerman's lawyers filed a civil complaint against NBC Universal Media on Friday. The suit alleged NBC edited a 911 audiotape to portray Zimmerman as a racist targeting Trayvon Martin. The 911 call was aired on March 27 on NBC's Today Show. The splicing of words and disparate sections of the recording made Zimmerman appear as if he was racially profiling Martin, according to his attorneys. The suit alleges NBC aired edited versions of the audio on four more occasions. Zimmerman's attorneys do not foresee the case settling, and are preparing to defend their claim in court.  

TX Burglar Calls Police on Gun-Wielding Homeowner: James Rose of Fox News 4 reports Christopher Lance Moore chose to burglarize the wrong Texas home Tuesday. When homeowner James Gerow awoke to find someone in his home, he grabbed his gun and followed the man, Moore, outside. Gerow told his wife to call 911. While waiting for officers, Moore called officers while in his truck and told them some man had him at gunpoint out in the country. Upon arrival, officers arrested Moore for burglary of a habitation.

DNA Solves 1984 Murder:  ABC news reports that the Baton Rouge Police cold case unit has utilized DNA evidence to solve the 28-year-old murder of fast food executive Gary Kergan.  Kergan, who was flashing jewelry and cash before his disappearance,  was last seen leaving a local night club with exotic dancer Leila Mulla on November 29. 1984.  Days later Kergan's Cadillac was found abandoned with blood in the trunk while suspects Mulia and her boyfriend had left for Las Vegas.  A police search of Mulla's apartment also turned up blood, but technology at the time could not definitively match the blood as belonging to Kergan.  Earlier this year DNA testing found that the blood samples matched and Mulla and her former boyfriend Ronald Dunnagan were arrested.  Both have been charged with murder. 

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