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Parents of murdered children push for death penalty in Iowa

O. Kay Henderson has this story for Radio Iowa:

The parents of three children who were kidnapped, then murdered in Iowa met with Governor Branstad today to talk about reinstating capital punishment in Iowa. Drew Collins is the father of Elizabeth Collins, the girl who went missing this summer in Evansdale. Her body was found by hunters earlier this month.

"Every time it happens, we hear it on the news and we just go, 'Oh, that's too bad. That's terrible,' but we've done nothing to change what's happening," Collins says. "To me, it's criminal that we don't protect our children. I mean, if we don't protect our children, I mean, what are we as a society?"

Collins says he's always supported the death penalty. His wife, Heather, used to oppose capital punishment, but her daughter's brutal death has changed her mind.

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For about 30 years Governor Branstad has supported reinstating a limited form of capital punishment in Iowa, applicable in cases of kidnapping and murder, but Branstad has said the "political reality" is the bill won't pass the senate.

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