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Let's Have the "Adam Lanza Memorial Elementary School"

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You probably think no one would be crazy or perverse enough to name a school after a murderer, right?  Certainly not after the massacre of 20 children at their school became one of the biggest, and most horrible, stories of 2012, right?

But that would only be because you haven't wised up to the imperatives of Entitlement Culture Grievance Mongering.  A California school has, indeed, been duly named for a murderer and outlaw.  This is because he was, dontcha know, "the inspiration for Zorro."

Think I'm making this up?  Get your lesson in the new reality here.

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I have read previously of Tiburcio Vazquez--including a pro-Mexican book from 1921, and it is likely that he murdered more than merely 2.

Are these folk tragically short of legitimately decent Latino historical figures, or do they prefer the
bandolero to the salvador?

How about Adm. David Farragut (Scot/Spanish), Carlos Finlay (Scot/Spanish), or Revolutionary ally
de Gálvez, after whom Galveston, TX is named?

From California, scientist Luis W. Alvarez, astronaut Ellen Ochoa, actress Rita Moreno (lives there), or even East L.A.'s Cheech Marin would be preferable, since marijuana is less murderous than,
let's say, serial murder.!.

There have been stellar and lesser in all ethic groups, nations, and the two genders, no es la verdad?
George Washington versus Benedict Arnold, C. Barton over T. Bundy.
Martin Luther King Jr. versus Al Sharpton, &tc.


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