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The DSM-5

As Steve noted yesterday, the DSM-5 was formally approved over the weekend.  Melinda Beck has this story in today's WSJ.

After more than a decade of discussion and often heated debate, the Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association voted in Arlington, Va., over the weekend to approve the fifth edition of the group's "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders" or DSM-5, the official guide to classifying psychiatric illnesses.
*                               *                             *
The exact criteria for each disorder won't be made public until the tome itself is published, both online and in print, next spring. But the major proposals have been available for public comment for months and many have been field-tested with patients and clinicians, although that hasn't quelled bitter disputes in some areas.
*                               *                             *
Another hotly debated change creates a new diagnosis of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD), for children who have frequent behavioral outbursts. Proponents hope it will offer an alternative to diagnoses of pediatric bipolar disorder, which has risen dramatically in recent years along with prescriptions for antipsychotic medication.
*                               *                             *
The APA anticipates updating electronic versions of the DSM-5 frequently to reflect the pace of psychiatric research. "It's important to recognize that this is a living document," Dr. Kupfer said.
Well, at least they dropped the Roman numerals, unlike the Super Bowl.

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