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Execution Date for Tri-State Murderer

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The Dyersburg (Tennessee) State Gazette has this story on Steven Ray Thacker.

Thacker kidnapped, raped, and murdered Laci Dawn Hill in Oklahoma two day before Christmas, 1999.  He fled to Missouri where he burglarized houses.  He killed Forest Boyd, who returned home during one of the burglaries.  Crossing into Tennessee, his car broke down, and tow truck driver Ray Patterson answered the call.  Thacker killed Patterson after a confrontation over his use of a stolen credit card to pay for the tow.

Thacker is sentenced to death in Oklahoma and Tennessee and to life-without-parole in Missouri.

Oklahoma has set an execution date of March 5.

1 Comment

Florida set a date for a cop-killer. Unfortunately, in Florida, the Ferguson litigation continues. Ridiculous.

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