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What Not To Wear

Opposing Views has this photo gallery of mug shots with T-shirts that, in retrospect, were poor choices.


Many years ago, I had a case with a domestic violence defendant who showed up for court wearing a t-shirt that said, in huge all-caps bold type, "SHUT UP, B_TCH!" (alternation not in original). The judge was not pleased.

There are occasions when you, as the prosecutor, don't have to say a word. Just sit back and enjoy the defendant's digging himself a deeper hole than you could or would have done.

Sometimes, I think our adversaries don't truly realize what a bunch of losers they have for clients.

I expect that they are well aware of the shortcomings of a large segment of their clientele. We read in the papers occasionally of defendants who attack their lawyers right in the courtroom. One defendant I recall urinated on his lawyer's leg in court.

But of course there are a wide range of defendants. A few are even innocent.

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