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A Jersey Lesson in Voter Fraud

Thomas Fleming, former president of the Society of American Historians, has this op-ed in the WSJ:

My grandmother Mary Dolan died in 1940. But she voted Democratic for the next 10 years.
*                               *                               *
I have to laugh when I hear current-day Democrats not only lobbying against voter-identification laws but campaigning to make voting even easier than it already is. More laughable is the idea of dressing up the matter as a civil-rights issue.
*                               *                               *

Later I became a historian of this nation's early years--and I can assure President Obama that no founding father would tolerate the idea of unidentified voters. These men understood the possibility and the reality of political corruption. They knew it might erupt at any time within a city or state.

The president's party--which is still my party--has inspired countless Americans by looking out for the less fortunate. No doubt that instinct motivated Mr. Obama in his years as a community organizer in Chicago. Such caring can still be a force, but that force, and the Democratic Party, will be constantly soiled and corrupted if the right and the privilege to vote becomes an easily manipulated joke.

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