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Finally, Justice of Sorts in the Casey Anthony Case

The majority believes that Casey Anthony killed her two year-old daughter and got away with it.  The case that the majority is correct seems overwhelming.  This is so if, for no other reason, because Ms. Anthony probably set a world record for lying.  Lying is hardly atypical of criminal defendants, but (1) to recall the obvious, the reason they lie is that they're evading the truth, i.e., that they're guilty as sin; and (2) if Ms. Anthony ever told the truth during the entire course of the investigation, I can't remember it.

He lawyer, one Jose Baez, helped the trial along to its disastrous conclusion by employing a typical defense tactic, to wit, bring up a whole bunch of irrelevant and incendiary things to get the jury to think about anything other than the client's behavior. The one I recall offhand is his having accused Ms. Anthony's father of childhood molestation, a charge for which he adduced not a whit of evidence.

As you might imagine, Mr. Baez charged a fat fee.  Well, better luck next time.

This is not exactly justice, but it's as close as we're going to get. 


I am always excited when my boring area of bankruptcy law is mentioned here. Here is her petition -


My observations are (1) her attorney is doing her case pro bono (2) the various defamation suits could be non-dischargeable, depending on case law in 11th (3) I think the primary issue in her case will be whether her rights to a tell book / movie constitute an asset of the estate (I say yes) and what value this would have.

"...her attorney is doing her case pro bono."

He is now.

The bigger problem is that he's going to get a ton of valuable publicity and become a defense bar hero for "beating the system," where what "beating the system" actually means is "beating the rap for a child killer."

I'm sorry, I meant her bankruptcy attorney is doing her case pro bono. I imagine if she did in fact lie on her petition, given her noteriety, I could see the US Attorneys doing a very rare prosecution for bankruptcy fraud. I guess I should qualify, bankruptcy fraud is rarely prosecuted here in C.D. California. I can't speak for other districts.

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